ndia PM Speaks Cryptos in Sydney Dialogue, Is India Adopting Soon?

by Bryan
  • India PM speaks about preventing crypto assets falling into the wrong hands.
  • PM Modi joins the Sydney Dialogue via video conference.

Cryptocurrency remains one of the hottest topics in the financial world. This time, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, speaks about crypto assets in his dialogue at the Sydney Dialogue via video conference. In detail, Modi stated that countries must join hands together to ensure that crypto-assets do not fall into the wrong hands.

Modi further explained:

Take cryptocurrency or bitcoin, for example. It is important that all democratic nations work together on this and ensure it does not end up in the wrong hands, which can spoil our youths.

In a meeting with the government officials in India, Modi warns that crypto-assets must not be allowed to be used in terrorism and other fraudulent activities. With this, we can see that Modi is really pushing to make cryptos a safe asset for India and everyone in the world. Meanwhile, this view of Modi about cryptocurrency also made some people wonder if India is soon to be open to virtual assets.

On the other hand, despite the many things that have plagued the crypto industry, the crypto world remains strong. In other words, the crypto community and its investors continue to support the space to maintain its good reputation. As a result, the crypto world can be a better place for both traders and the people who will adopt it.

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